Monday, November 28, 2011

Access All Areas Film Festival

Like to draw your attention ("draw your attention" Get it? Hyuk! Hyuk!) to something that might otherwise get a little bit lost on the festival listing page. "Sumo Lake" is part of the Access All Areas Film Festival, an Australian film festival dedicated to getting films out there so everyone can enjoy them, regardless of a disability that might otherwise make the film-going experience more difficult than it should be. Venues have wheelchair accessibility and extra space, most films are captioned and/or audio described ("…and then they dance!"), there are volunteers to assist the less mobile and the Sydney and Paramatta screenings will feature an AUSLAN interpreter.

There will be screenings in a variety of schools in Queensland and New South Wales, and public screenings throughout NSW. Further details here, as well as information about hosting a screening in your community. It's a mighty program of good Aussie cinema, and I'm proud to have my scribbled sumos in the mix of this great festival.

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