Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Special Screening

Those of you who will be in Adelaide next week and keen to hear a blab about Sumo Lake, are welcome to attend the next meeting of the Japan Australia Business Council of South Australia where I'll be speaking along with Sam White of the People's Republic of Animation.

I'm really looking forward to this. Not only because I get to sit in an audience during a screening of Sumo Lake, but I'm expecting a lively question and answer session after the film. I'm dead keen to hear the Japanese perspective on my admittedly irreverent yet not intentionally disrespectful take on these cultural icons. We may even get an aggrieved ballerina who wants to kick me in the nuts.

As if that's not enough, there's also Sam on the bill presenting some of the latest work from the dynamic PRA studios and discussing the company's history and new projects. Non-members are welcome for a nominal admission, which is a bargain given that there's drinks and nibbles along with the cartoons. Mark the evening of Thursday, October 6th in your diary and use their online RSVP form to secure your place. Hope to see you there.  Expect a full report here if you can't make it!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Yay! Laurels!

We wear 'em with pride.
Check the "Watch" page for more details.

You'll also find us participating in the Australian edition of International Animation Day, Oct 29th and 30th in Brisbane.

Visit Animation Alliance Australia for more info (like does it mean that all us animators are going to get presents and free drinks all day?).

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

More Screenings and temporarily off-line

Very happy to say that Sumo Lake will be screening in competition at The Cordoba International Animation Festival  in the program "Animations For Children That Won't Take A Nap" (it's not clear to me if these films are meant to be punishment or sleep inducement). Further details soon on the "Watch" page.

As posted earlier, we'll be part of the program this coming weekend at the San Francisco Shorts Festival. As a courtesy to the festival, watching "Sumo Lake" online will be accessible only by password for the duration of the festival. It will be freely available again from Sept. 12, or if you e-mail me and ask for the password really, really nicely and promise you won't send it to someone in San Francisco.

This may happen again from time to time at a festival's request. We're well past being able to enter festivals that only screen films that have not been distributed online (now there's a topic for discussion another day) but it is perfectly reasonable that a festival doesn't want some smart-arse showing a film on their smartphone in the foyer while waiting for the screening.

And even if they did, Sumo Lake is all about scale. See and hear it big if you can.

UPDATE: Back online for all! Congrats and thanks to San Francisco Shorts for a successful festival.