Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Long ago, before Sumo …

… I animated an ode to my childhood car trips across the great Canadian Prairie*. "Get in the Car" was released in 2003, played festivals around the world, and just this week found it's way onto Flickerfest's "Fresh Flicks" Youtube channel.

(*If you've ever been driven across them in the back seat of a 1970's Mercury station wagon, you may think the "great" referred only to the distance across them, but of course that's wrong. )

Now apologies to those outside of this wide brown land down under, but I believe this channel is blocked outside of Australia. In which case, all I can offer is the teaser clip from my website, or the trailer from the Animation Show of Shows DVD collection in which GITC appears. 

And while we're posting video clips only peripherally related to Sumo Lake, here's a recently released, partially animated trailer for the Captain Congo kid's book series I illustrate.

I woke up this morning to the news that the great Ray Bradbury had passed away. He called the internet a "distraction". Now that I've distracted both of us, I'm off to honour his memory by logging out and finding myself a good book. Right now.