Thursday, September 27, 2012

More Festivals! Sugoi!

There's still some festival life in this little scribbled epic, nearly two years after it's release.

Extremely pleased to participating in the San Diego Asian Film Festival . This festival looks like a lot of  fun, and I'm disappointed I'm too far away to enjoy the hospitality offered the filmmakers. However, anyone else nearby can check out Sumo Lake in big screen HD in in their animation programme on Sunday November 4 and Wednesday November 7th, and if you think you can do a passable impersonation of me, go ahead and take on the filmmaker Q & A and grab my share of any beer and canapes on offer.

If you prefer wine to beer, or northern California to south, Sumo Lake is also part of the Calaveras Film Festival. The festival runs from Oct 12 to 14th and "celebrates the art of film, food, and wine in the Californian foothills." Sounds horrible. Don't know which night they'll be screening Sumo Lake, so best get tickets to all three.