The Creators

Greg Holfeld

Greg Holfeld was born in Saskatchewan, Canada in 1965 and began incessantly scribbling shortly thereafter. Attending art school, he learned just enough about animation to drop out and start working at studios across Canada. He spent a year in Tokyo in 1989, not finding the manga-ka fame he expected, but a young South Australian traveller. As a result Greg has lived and worked in Adelaide since 1991. 

He has supplied animation for television series, directed dozens of commercials, and his short films such as “Heartbreak Motel” and “Get in the Car” feature regularly at international festivals. The commissioned short “Tom’s Toilet Triumph!” won the prestigious Annecy Festival’s Educational Film prize in 2002.

Greg is the illustrator of a body of children’s books. His first book “The Perfect Pet” was nominated for the Chrichton award for debut illustration and “Wolf’s Sunday Dinner” was a 2004 Australia Children's Book Council Notable Book and "The Scribbler" was CBC shortlisted in 2008. The children's graphic novel "Captain Congo and the Crocodile King", a collaboration with author Ruth Starke,was a contender for 2008 "Picture Book of the Year."

His current projects include the graphic novel/feature film treatment of his penguin-noir world “In for the Krill”, further "Captain Congo" adventures, collaborating with Ruth Starke on an Australian historical graphic novel, and flogging this short film involving sumo wrestlers and a big lizard.

Benjamin Speed

(image courtesy of Mister Benjamin Speed)
Starting out in The New Pollutants, a fun loving, experimental and darkly zany hip-hop/electro band influenced by 8-bit computer games and 1950's pop, Mister Benjamin Speed spent his formative musical years as vocalist, song writer and extreme stunts live performer playing such places as The Big Day Out and Falls Festivals. After he graduated with a music degree from the Adelaide Conservatorium in 2004, The New Pollutants composed and performed a highly successful new score for the 1927 silent film Metropolis, which premiered at the 2005 Adelaide Film Festival. It has since played at the Commonwealth Games, The Opera House and MONA FOMA and in 2011 was updated to coincide with the now most complete 2010 version of Metropolis. Moving to Sydney in 2006, Benjamin attended the prestigious AFTRS Film School and graduated with a Masters Degree in Screen Composition and released his critically acclaimed debut album ‘The Dreamer’.

In the past 2 years he has won one and been nominated for three APRA Screen Music Awards and is a current finalist in the 2011 APRA Professional Development Awards. Among many others, Benjamin has scored the Nick Cave narrated and AFI and IF award winning film 'The Cat Piano', scored the Australian Documentary Prize winning 'The Snowman', The AFI Award winning documentary ‘A Northern Town', feature film 'The Tumbler', MTV 180 Project winning film 'Dungoona', the Comic-Con winning 'Street Angel' and has scored 3 Tropfest finalists, 'Carnivore Reflux', 'Glass' and 'The Maestro'. He has also won Best Score at the St Kilda Shorts Festival and was nominated for an MPSE Golden Reel Award. 

Compositionally, Benjamin’s dreams are a major influence on him. He uses them to gather and refine ideas for music, as well as using them to guide many of his life choices. Ultimately, Benjamin wants to give more love than he receives and aims to transcend space and time through the power of thought. He is also addicted to social network buffoonery, liquorice, watermelons and anything with ginger in it.

Victoria Cocks

Editor, and so much more. 
Scott Illingworth
sound designer

Scott is part of the team at Best FX. Go to the link, he's the curly-haired one on the right. 

shooting facility

"You're going to scan all those drawings?" award-winning cinematographer, producer, and studio co-founder Richard Chataway asked incredulously. "Why don't you come in and shoot them with our digital stills camera instead?" Michael nodded sagely. 

Shane McNeil
supervising producer

Shane wears many hats, and still his giant head isn't covered.