Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Good Week for Sumo Lake

Indeed it was. With the passing of the last of the festival entry restrictions holding it back, "Sumo Lake" was put online. The good folks at Cartoon Brew gave it a mention, and the hit counter has been running like a dodgy taxi meter ever since. As of this moment, over 30,000 pairs of eyeballs have gazed upon "Sumo Lake" and along with the many kind and complimentary comments, it's a little overwhelming.

Then last night I had placed in my hands this little beauty for "Best Animation" at the South Australian Screen
Awards.  It was a fabulous evening. Those that were there will know it was a memorable event that we'll all have trouble remembering.

Thanks to the Media Resource Centre for being such great hosts, and big thanks to GooRoo Animation for stepping up and sponsoring this award. Onya, guys!


  1. Just the other Day I was steering into the Yonda, wondering, "what's Greg up to"?

    Love it, great to see you've got rid of those pesky comptuers too.

    I'm steering at dancing penguins, not quite as entertaining.

    Nick Deboar

  2. Hiya Nick!

    And what's so bad about dancing penguins? They're not singing too, are they?